British XXX Corps
British 214 Infantry Brigade (assigned to the 43rd Infantry Division)
7th Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry (attacking Niederheid)
1st Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment (attacking Tripsrath and Rischden)
5th Battalion, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry (attacking Hochheid)
5th Battalion, Dorset Regiment (detached from 130 Brigade) (attacking Bauchem)
4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards
U.S. 84th Infantry Division
333rd Infantry Regiment (attacking Geilenkirchen and Sueggerath)
Sherwood Rangers (British)
334th Infantry Regiment (attacking Prummern and Beeck)
Drewforce, two troops of flail and flame-throwing tanks (British)
one troop of 357th Searchlight Battery, Royal Artillery (British)
405th Infantry Regiment (detached from 102nd Infantry Division) (attacking Beeck)

The British Attack 18-10-1944

XII SS Corps
176th Infantry Division
1218th Grenadier Regiment
1219th Grenadier Regiment
1220th Grenadier Regiment
183rd Volksgrenadier Division
330th Volksgrenadier Regiment
343rd Volksgrenadier Regiment
351st Volksgrenadier Regiment
104th Panzergrenadier Regiment (part of the 15th PG Division)
10th Panzergrenadier Regiment (part of the 9th Panzer Division)
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Operation Clipper - Part of World War II
Date 10 - 22 November 1944
Location: Geilenkirchen, Germany 50°57'56?N 6°7'19?E
Result: Allied victory
flag ukUnited Kingdom              flag 4045Germany
flag usUnited States
Commanders and leaders
flag ukBrian Horrocks                flag 4045Günther Blumentritt
Casualties and losses: 2,000 casualties,
(including 169 killed, 752 missing & 500 nonbattle)